What is FACITY?
FACITY is an online photo project. We will show you different portraits from cities all around the world on a daily basis.

I see, therefore the name, right?
You guessed it: Face + City = FACITY

Which cities are included?
An overview of all currently participating cities can be found here.

And who is taking the pictures?
Photographers, who live in the respective cities. In some cities we have multiple photographers, in others we have only one. For that we have also prepared an overview, please click here.

How many new faces are added to the site each day?
That depends on how many FACITY cities exist at that moment and how often the photographers are shooting. Currently we are updated the website 10-15 times each day.

The picture all look very much alike. Why?
FACITY is based on a very strict, esthetic concept. We call it the FACITY manifest. One rule is, that smiling in front of the camera is stricly forbidden. If you want to know more about the FACITY manifest, please inform yourself here. The tutorial on how the picture has to be taken can be downloaded here.

How do you choose the people to be photographed?
We don't choose. You might have noticed already, that FACITY is not about beauty and perfection. Our only criteria is: A face has to belong to a person living in one of the FACITY cities.

Does that mean, I can have my picture taken?
Of course, we would be pleased. Please sign up with the photographer of your city here.

I want more. Can I participate as a photographer?
Yes. FACITY is an open project everyone can participate in. You should know in advance that you will need to have enough time to take at least one portrait per week for a period of at least six months. If this is the case and you are ready to join FACITY, please fill in the contact form. We would be thrilled to hear from you.

Okay. Can I do anything else for you?
We would love you to do that. We are welcoming everyone who wants to support FACITY. If you have any kind of idea how you would like to support FACITY, please let us know - we are excited to hear your thoughts.

How long does FACITY exist?
We have started FACITY at the end of 2008 at first only in Berlin. FACITY international does exist since January 2010. If you want to know more about our early Berlin era, check out these articles.

Last question: Why are you doing all this?
We have called FACITY into life, because we wanted to show faces in a way one has not seen before. Close, direct, intime, naked, natural, genuine. And we hope, you see it this way, too.

Berlin, 2010.
Hannes Caspar, Kerem Ergün, Martin Wunderwald
Founders of FACITY